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Pursuant to 35 U.S.C. § 287(a), Epitel’s Remote EEG Monitoring System (REMI) 20053, 20047, 20046, 20045, 20039, including one or more of its components REMI sensor(s), sticker(s), REMI-Mobile software, REMI-Cloud software, or their use in qualified EEG viewers, is covered by or for use under one or more of the U.S. Patents listed below and their foreign counterparts. REMI components may be sold individually or as part of a system. US11,633,139; US11,633,144; US11,638,551.

This list was last revised in August 2023. Other patents issuing after the date of the last revision may also cover the product(s) listed above but may not be included until this list is next revised.



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