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Epitel: Revolutionizing how brain health is monitored

We are dedicated to improving seizure monitoring and detection. Our first commercial product, the REMI Remote EEG Monitoring System, is FDA cleared for near real-time and/or remote EEG monitoring for up to 48 hours in a professional healthcare facility.

By leveraging our proprietary cloud-based wearable sensor system, we are enabling informed treatment decisions by making EEGs readily deployable and accessible at point-of-care.


Meet Our Team

We are a diversely talented team with expertise in big data analytics, medical devices, and regulatory affairs.

Mark Lehmkuhle Headshot

Neural Engineer, entrepreneur, 25+ years neural engineering, epilepsy, and signal processing

Mark Lehmkuhle, PhD

CEO/CTO, Founder

Matt Parrott Headshot

25+ years in global product development, engineering, and manufacturing for medical hardware

Matt Parrott

VP of Manufacturing

Chris Phillips Headshot

18+ years in medical device regulatory, quality, and clinical affairs

Chris Phillips

VP of Regulatory & Quality

Mitch Frankel, PhD Profile_2x.jpg

15+ years Neural and Biorobotic Engineering—Biomedical Device Development and Testing

Mitch Frankel, PhD

Senior Computational Scientist

Rob Lingstuyl Headshot

20+ years multi-platform software application development

Rob Lingstuyl

Software Architect

Jackie Dorsky Headshot

10+ years in healthcare marketing, leading dynamic teams, and medical device launches

Jackie Dorsky

Head of Marketing

Michael Elwood Headshot

25+ years developing medical devices

Michael Elwood

Electrical Engineer

Ryan Schipaanboord Headshot

20+ years in public and private accounting and finance

Ryan Schipaanboord

VP of Finance

Mark Lehmkuhle, PhD

CEO/CTO, Founder

Andy Rasdal

Chair of the Board
Former CEO, DexCom 
Founding CEO, Obalon
Former President, Medtronic Vascular

Vikram Chaudhery, PhD

Genoa Ventures

Kim Kamdar, PhD

Domain Associates

Josh Phillips

Managing Partner
Catalyst Health Ventures



Indications for use: 
The REMI System is intended to be used in healthcare settings where near real-time and/or remote EEG is warranted. REMI uses disposable Sensors – a single use, single patient, disposable, wearable sensor intended to amplify, capture, and wirelessly transmit a single channel of electrical activity of the brain for up to 48 hours. The REMI-Mobile software and REMI Tablet are intended to receive and transmit data from four REMI Sensors to secure cloud storage for subsequent viewing and reviewing of EEG on third-party software. 
REMI does not make any diagnosis or recommendations and is intended only as a physiological signal monitor. 
REMI Sensors are intended for use by trained medical professionals in a professional healthcare facility environment. REMI Sensors are intended for use with adult and pediatric patients (6+). (Rx only).

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465 S. 400 E
Suite 250
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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