Epitel’s mission is to create wearable medical devices that connect people, researchers, and physicians in the epilepsy community.


Company Profile

Epitel, Inc. was founded in 2007 to develop the Epoch® wireless EEG recording systems for pre-clinical research in epilepsy. Epoch originated from the laboratory of Dr. F. Edward Dudek at the University of Utah. Epitel's wireless technology was driven by the need to obtain long-term, quality EEG recordings from models of human epilepsy. All of Epitel devices are based on the same proprietary wireless technology designed and developed by the founding members of Epitel.  


Example seizure recorded with  Epilog .  Gray boxes are enlargements.

Example seizure recorded with Epilog.  Gray boxes are enlargements.

Our passion

In 2012 we launched Epoch® , a low-power, wireless biosignal recording system for pre-clinical drug development in animals models of human disease.  Specifically we needed a system to record seizures in rats and mice for months.  Epoch is sold world-wide to universities, contract research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies for pre-clinical R&D.  While we were commercializing Epoch, we realized that human clinical trials and people living with epilepsy have the same problem we were trying to solve with Epoch.

Epilog™, a wearable seizure diary. Epilog is a small connected health wearable designed for home use and the only self-contained EEG machine capable of monitoring 24/7. Epilog will profoundly improve the quality of life for people living with epilepsy.  

“Epilog could fundamentally change how we determine seizure frequency outside of the hospital.”
— Dr. Tobias Loddenkemper, MD; Pediatric Epileptologist, Director of Clinical Epilepsy Research, Boston Children’s Hospital