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Healthcare is Coming Home

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

The last year has ushered in a new wave of remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions. They’ve helped patients stay out of hospitals during the public health emergency, but also offer significant health, economic, and wellbeing benefits in the post-COVID era.

The details

“Prior to 2020, health care systems were using telehealth at a rate of nearly 0%” says Eric Wallace, medical director of telehealth at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). As detailed by Dr. Lucienne Ide, a new standard of care has emerged through the public health emergency. This standard even goes beyond telehealth (video/audio visits) to include continuous and proactive care - the crux of remote patient monitoring (RPM). The proactive care RPM enables has not only kept patients out of the hospital, but has also had a positive impact on communities that typically lack access to quality care, historically costing $93 billion in excess medical expenses and $42 billion in lost productivity.

During COVID, RPM tools that continually monitor patients and their conditions have allowed every community to access meaningful care, closing this health gap and eliminating unnecessary expenditures. However, the RPM trend must continue post-COVID. Utilization of RPM tools will continue to bring significant benefits where we have already begun to see them, not only in providing universal quality care and reducing unnecessary costs, but also in improving hospital quality metrics (readmissions, patient satisfaction, ED visits) and improving clinician satisfaction.

What this means

At Epitel, we’re elevating EEG out of hyper-specific use cases to the entire care continuum. Current EEG towers are unable to follow patients within the hospital, let alone out of it. Our platform is powered by our proprietary sensors and allows clinicians to proactively manage care remotely. We’re unlocking access to critical brain diagnostics for everybody everywhere, and are providing clinicians with the data they need to offer quality care. Talk to us about how we’re building the most powerful EEG platform!

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