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The Healthcare Sensor Boom

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Medical sensors will be key to transforming healthcare from intermittent doctor-patient interactions to a stream of continuous care. Using sensors, physicians will be able to take instant actions when unhealthy trends develop, rather than waiting for an ER visit.

The details

COVID required many clinical trials to halt before starting becoming heavily reliant on remote monitoring solutions.The past year has accelerated adoption of sensor use in healthcare across the board. However, it’s not just the sensors that are exciting, but what new machine learning algorithms will be able to do with the data generated.

Algorithmic-based sensors can draw powerful insights to identify health trends and flag interventions early on. It’s not just patients who are the beneficiaries here, but doctors gain key insights into disease biomarkers as well. Sensor use in healthcare is a rare triple-win: patients and doctors see more successful outcomes, pharmaceutical companies will be able to create more effective drugs for less, and payers will have more evidenced-based outcomes data. Read the full article from MedCity News here.

What this means

At Epitel, we strongly believe in the power of sensors in healthcare. We’ve built our sensors and EEG platform to provide long-term continuous data to patients and doctors alike. Coupled with our leading edge algorithms, our sensors will arm the entire healthcare field with actionable information.

Our vision for the future is bold and exciting: Patients and doctors will be able to proactively address care options before the worst symptoms arise. Care teams can create targeted drug regimens that maximize impact while minimizing side effects. Biopharmaceutical companies can cut down drug development time. Caregivers will be alerted to health emergencies. Patients will understand their own disorders better. And we will create completely novel biomarkers for neurological disorders like epilepsy, depression, and Alzheimer’s.

Talk to us about how we’re changing neurological care with our sensors!.

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