“[Epilog] will provide patient groups and caregivers with a much needed home monitoring system.”
— Margo Thurman, Executive Director, Epilepsy Foundation of Utah, Person with 56 years of living with epilepsy
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Epilog Patch
“I would use Epilog when I want to know for sure that I am not having seizures. Like during exams.”
— person in 20's with epilepsy that describes herself as “well-controlled” (END Epilepsy Summit, LA 2017)
“Epilog could fundamentally change how we determine seizure frequency outside of the hospital.”
— Dr. Tobias Loddenkemper, MD; Pediatric Epileptologist, Director of Clinical Epilepsy Research, Boston Children’s Hospital
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“Epilog has great potential to be an inexpensive means to accurately count seizures.”
— Dr. Jacqueline French, MD; Director, Translational Research and Clinical Trials in Epilepsy, NYU