Continuous Wireless BIOPOTENTIAL recording 

The Epoch system is a low-cost wireless sensor system for biopotential recording from rats, mice, or pups as young as P6 (rats), P10 (mice).

Epoch enables continuous multichannel recording of EEG, ECG, and/or EMG for up to 6 months. 

The Epoch system provides a low-cost alternative to cumbersome tethered systems. There is no crosstalk between cages unlike other types of implantable sensors that use RF (radio frequency). 

Complete system includes:

  • Epoch receiver tray
  • Two biopotential sensors of your specification
  • Faraday cage to collect clean data compatible with standard rodent housing systems

Each Epoch sensor amplifies high-fidelity biopotentials and wirelessly transmits data to a receiver placed under each animal cage. The receiver provides amplied biopotential data on standard BNC connectors that can then be digitized and stored with your favorite data acquisition system (DAQ).

If you do not have a DAQ system we suggest the BIOPAC MP160 system