Empower yourself with certainty.

Wearable SEIZURE Diary 

Epilog is a patent-pending wearable seizure diary that accurately counts different seizure types.

Empower yourself with certainty. Epilog works while you sleep and when your memory doesn't. Give yourself and your doctor accurate data that you can trust. Epilog will provide a consistent seizure diary that can be used to know how well your therapy is working.  


Prescribe Epilog to replace unreliable self-reporting in seizure diaries. 

Epilog is 

Epilog and key.jpg
  • Small
  • Sticks to the scalp
  • Wireless
  • Rechargeable
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Water resistant

Epilog can be covered with customizable stickers, hairstyles, or your favorite headwear.

Using the gold standard of EEG, Epilog is a medical device that can record clinical and sub-clinical seizures. Not intended for diagnosis, Epilog simply counts seizures when placed below the hairline for most people. Use Epilog for long-term, evidence-based data to help determine the efficacy of treatment. Seizure diary reports are physician-specific and EMR compatible.

Epilog records both convulsive and nonconvulsive seizures